Nov. 8, 2007, midnight
Bifogar även nedanstående mail från X. Han har skrivit det med risk att själv råka riktigt illa ut. Modigt gjort, men han drivs av en passion att göra motstånd mot militärens vålds-välde och har tron på att kampen för demokrati befrämjas av utbytet av tankar och information med besökare från demokratiska länder. Läs vad han skriver. Dear Chric, ... I do not want to use my name.The letter what I have written is as follow. ....I hope you all are fine in Swedin. We are also fine in Myanmar. In fact,I really want to tell you real situation of Myanmar people. In Myanmar the weather condition is not so good. I think you know what I mean. Everything is depanding upon the political situation. For the time being, the Junta are too stubborn. They do not care what happens. I do not believe that They will change their attitude peacefully. So people are trying as much as they can. We are not crying for the moon. We hope for the best we prepair for the worst. However during these days the junta are still being stubborn. They do not care anything. At the same time some western country make economical sanction and tourism boycott again. Most of the people in Myanmar are poor ,living from hand to mouth.The price of the things are getting higher and higher. The people are in a crisis.They do not have anything to do for their cost of living.T hey are all in hot water. So the situation are gets worse and worse. We are in a vicious circle. Actually I do not understand the sanction. Why do some western country make the sanction. Why do they say not to go to Myanmar. If they really want to help Myanmar people They should come and see the people to know the truth. Some people are always trying to deceive the world. If you really want to know the truth, Please come and visit to Myanmar.Why don't you come and meet the people.I really want you and the people all over the world to know the truth and to see our beautiful and mysterious country. Best regards and best wishes XXX